Thursday, April 16, 2009



I was being lazy one night...and decided to make these for dinner.  They were pretty yummy.  A mix of pizza and you get pizzadillas!  Fusion cuisine at its trashiest. :)

I didn't measure everything, but all you need are:

  • tortillas (I used corn tortillas, but flour tortillas would work well)
  • mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • pepperoni (or your favorite pizza toppings)
  • spaghetti or pizza sauce (for dipping)

  • Optional: nonstick spray or oil

I sprayed the outsides of the tortillas with the nonstick spray to make 'em crispy (you could put a little oil in the pan if you don't want to use the nonstick spray).  I used my electric griddle for the pizza-dillas.  Sprinkle the bottom tortilla with mozzarella cheese and toppings (I used pepperoni).  Top with another tortilla.  Flip when cheese melts or the bottom looks toasty.  Cook til both sides are toasty (just like grilled cheese sandwiches).  Cut into wedges with a pizza cutter, and serve with spaghetti/pizza sauce for dipping.

Tortillas cooking on the electric griddle (I had it on 350*F)

Then cut up into wedges and served with sauce...I served it on a paper plate!  That's how lazy I felt that night...didn't even want to wash dishes.

Nutty Pineapple Dip

Nutty Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip

This is a really easy dip recipe.  It's always a huge hit whenever I bring it to parties.

All you need is:
  • 8oz (small) can of crushed pineapple, WELL DRAINED (IMPORTANT!)
  • 2-8oz blocks of cream cheese
  • 4 oz chopped pecans
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • (OPTIONAL) chopped ham
It's important you drain your pineapple very well, or it won't hold together very well.  It'll be runny, but still tasty (I learned my lesson!).  Wash the green onions and chop them up.  You can soften the cream cheese if you want, it makes it easier to mix.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve.  Serve with crackers (I prefer the Ritz or the Club crackers with this dip).  

I didn't make it with ham this time but enjoy the pictures!

My pretty bowl with all the ingredients...getting ready to be mixed.  This is one of my favorite mixing's got butterflies on the inside and outside!

A beautiful close up of the ingredients...minus the ham!

Already mixed and ready to serve!  You can mold it, but I'm lazy and serve it as is, sometimes. :)